Chrome OS

Next Generation OS

Chrome OS is a new operating system by Google based on an open source project called Chromium. What this means is that anyone around the world can contribute to Chrome OS and make it better, while it's quality, marketing and support is backed by Google.

Unlike Windows which is developed in house by Microsoft, Chrome OS is developed by people around the world for people around the world.

Is Chrome OS a good match for me?

If you do most things online or use a lot of Google services, Chrome OS is most likely a perfect match for you. However, bellow are some key points to take note of

It just works

If you're looking for your computer to work without any interruption or maintenance, this is a great option for you. Chrome OS requires Zero clean up, no defragmenting, no virus scanning, no constant updating. A computer is there to help you, and should not require for you to help it stay working.

It's different

Chrome OS is not Windows, it works in similar ways but it's not the same. You can't run Windows programs on it, and older hardware such as printers made for Windows wont function. If switching you will want to make sure any programs you need are available for Chrome OS and that any hardware you use support it.

It's fast

Chrome OS is based off Linux making it light and extremely optimal, no pointless system operations and background tasks are going on, allowing your computer to take full advantage of its performance. Even on computers as old as 10 years the system will be snappy and ready to go.

It's secure

Completely Immune to virus, period. All personal data stored is encrypted, meaning there is no need to have your device securely wiped if you get rid of it or it breaks; do keep backups though, as this also means you can't retrieve any data if the password is forgotten or the device stops working.