Computer Repair and Sales in Lansing MI

Open weekdays 9AM to 6PM

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We specialize in Desktop and Laptop repair.

Drop off your device for a free estimate, diagnosis is generally also free.

Computer Sales

Renewed Windows 10 and Chrome OS laptops and desktops

Laptop and Desktop Repair

Software issues like malware and virus removal, as well as hardware such as damaged screens, keyboards, internal batteries

Board Level Repair

Repairs such as liquid damage and port replacement on both game consoles and computers

Running an outdated version of Windows? Get secure by Upgrading to Windows 10 or Chrome OS

Computer Recycling

If you have old or broken computers we can recycle them for you free of charge

We DO NOT accept CRT Screens

What we don't do

  • Printer, Phone, TV Repair

  • Apple Devices

  • Email or Printer Support

  • At this time we are not providing service calls